My name is Tiago, I'm from Brazil, 26 years old, working a lot and whithout time

Hello to all members.
My name is Tiago, I’m from Brazil, 26 years old, working a lot and whithout time to go to English Schoold, thats why I intend to improve my English Skills by myself.
I like to talk about everything, so please, let’s change messages.



hi, Nice to change meassage with you Tiago.
Can you introduce some famous things in Brazil? I’ve heard many well-known footballers from there. Right?

hi Tiago, what job are you doing now? Nice to meet you here?

Tortoise! Are you from VN?
Me too. Nice to meet you and if you don’t my help me to improve my English

Hello M2a.
Of course that I can tell you somethings about my country, I love this place.
Unfortunately all the world know us by the Soccer (football) and Carnival.
Brazil is one of biggest countries in the world (5th) with a diversified natural beauties (Amazonia Jungle, Beachs, etc). We have some important sports people like Pelé (soccer, and considered the athlete of century), Ayrton Senna (Formula 1, and for a lot of people the best of history). We are in a important economic moment too, our economy is growing faster, and the economists says that in 20 years we’ll be one of the 5 biggest economy of the world.

It will be a pleisure write to you about Brazil, please choice one thing and we can develop this theme (Soccer, Sports, Culture, Natural Beauties, Famous People, Economy, etc…).

And about you, are you from Vietnam, aren’t you? Sorry, but like a lot of people I just know Vietnam by the war. Tell me a little bit about your country. I’m confident that is lot more things (good things) about this place.

Thanks for you message.



Hello Tortoise.

I’m consultant, I work for a Britain Multinational Company named Michael Page ( I work on the recruitment of middle management professionals, more specifically, I work recruiting professionals of financial area.

And you, tell me a little bit about youself.



Hi Tiagomoliveira,
Thanks for reply me and also many useful informations about your country.
Now, it’s time for me to go home and prepare dinner.
I will send message to you tommorow
Have a great time!

Hi M2a and Tiago!

I’m Vietnam. And many people. just like Tiago, get to know Vietnam by wars between it and the US and France. Yeah, Vietnamese people won in those wars, which is worthy to recalled :). Vietnam has changed a lot since 1975 when it defeated the US. It is now an attractive place for tourists all over the world to visit. I hope you two will visit my country one day.

I’m now a third-year student at Hochiminh City Univ. of Technology. My major is electrical engineering. My real name in Vietnamese in Huy.

How about you, M2a? Where are you from and what is your real name?

Hi Huy.

Thanks for your message, I thinks it is interesting this chat between us.

I think we can tell a lot of our countries and about us.

I’m graduated in Engineering too, in Industrial Engineering, or Production Engineering in a very respected University of Brazil (

After this, I made my carrer in the financial area in two multinational companies, and now I’m consultant as I told you.

What will be our next topic? What do you think to tell me more about you city (Hochiminh) and send me a link in English too. After this I can write about my City: São Paulo.


Hi Huy and Tiago,

Iam happy to change messages with both of you again!

My name is Huyen. Iam an office staff and Iam working for a construction company in Ha Noi - The Captital of Viet Nam and the life here not as vibrant as HCM city. I spent nearly 6 years for

working in Ho chi minh city. HoChiMinh is the largest city in Viet nam. HoChiMinh is also the name of a famous leader in history of Vietnam who received reverence from all Vietnamese

resident. You might get more informations about HCM city if you view the following link: http:

What do you think if we discuss about excellent festivals of our country in the next topic? ( Pls help me to correct any mistake if I get. Thank you)

Huyen (Ms)

Hi, Huy, Tiago and Huyen!
Id like to introduce myself: my name is Olga. I live in Russia. Coud you please let me join your lively conversatoin? Tiago, unfortunately I dont know much about Brasil but my association of Brasil are connected wuth such words as bright, vibrant.
VIETNAM is famous for its magnificent fairy festivals and culture full of legends and mistery. I find the topic on festivals and carnavals very interesting indeed
and my dream is to see such festivals with my own eyes.

Hi Ollga,

Welcome you to join us! And Iam happy to see your comments about my country. Can you introduce about yourself? Do you know that the lotus in your image is the symbol flower of Viet

Nam?! It’s very nice of you!

Hope you will visit to Viet nam on a recent day. I will be your guide OK?!!


Hi all!!

First, welcome Olga to this conversation. Hope you won’t find it boring :D. Also hope that you will tell everybody here about your Russia. When I think of Russia, I think of conservatories of music such as Tchaikovsky Conservatory and St.Petersburg Conservatory.

Yeah, let’s talk about festivals in Vietnam. I can name some popupar festivals such as: Huế festival (in Huế city, every two years), Đà Lạt Flower Festival (in Lâm Đồng province, annual). Another flower festival will take place in Hà Nội from December 30 to January 3 to celebrate New Year and mark the 1000th anniversary of Thăng Long-Hà Nội (A highlight of the festival will be the symbol of a sacred dragon and a 6m high flower tower surrounded by 9 dragons made from flowers and fruits. A huge book also created from flowers and fruits will be placed opposite the Thap But (pen tower) and Dai Nghien (ink pad).)

Besides, you can find many other festivals and carnavals in other provinces. For example, my hometown Châu Đốc has an annual festival called The Landlady Festival which attracts thousands of people.


Hi olga, I found this at the neighbour topic:

Woa, I wish to see the snowflakes one day. There is only one place in Vietnam that has snow. That place is so far away in the North, an I am living in the South. Well, although winter is everywhere, it’s still hot here, in the South. (I heard that it’s really cold in Hanoi, isn’t it, Ms. Huyen?)

Hi Huy,
Yeah It’s very cold in here. Grư ư ư… lol
Iam in the office and through the window I can see it 's rainning
My wish also to see snow one day but it hasn’t come true yet.
There is a place in Viet nam may has sow now is Sapa but it’s far from here and I never been there!
After Lunar New Year I will arrange time to visit Sapa to watch the falling snow ( Huy, I will send the snow pic to you at that time)


Hi Tiago,

I am Arabinda, nick name is Rupak. I found u to be one of my friends. Hope u’ll not mind to have a friendship with me. I am from a small city Jorhat of State Assam of India. Have u ever been heard about Assam. This a state located at North Eastern Region of the country India. Assam is famous for its Tea and One horned Rhino. The one horned rhino is unique creation of Assam only. Assam possesses the world’s largest and smallest river island i.e. Majuli and Umananda.

We will discuss a lot later on. Keep in touch.

With regards,

Hi, Huy, Tiago and Huyen!
I am so much grateful to all of you for your warm welcome!
But I must apologize for my late answer. I havent been able to answer it at once. You story about festivals in your country was very interesting! I think I will be able to visit your country and see bright festivals with my own eyes. Thank you for your offer to be my guide! I think well have a good time!
When speaking about festivals I bagin to reccollect my childhood. When I was a child my grandparents used to watch TV-programms such as “The Club of Travellers”.
And I was facsinated by multicolored pictures of Vietnam, Brasil and Japan, france and Ireland.

My country is located on both continents Europe and Asia and is a multicultured. The capital of Russia is Moscow (I live not far from Moscow and I am going there this January to the iceshow “Christmas story the Nutcrackraker”, music by P.I.Tchaikovsky). Usually every town has a few theatres. Movie theatres are also becoming popular in Russia and they
are equipped with the latest sound systems. The majority of Russians consider themselves as Christians, and belong to Russian Orthodox Church. It’s a great achievement
for the country where atheism was the official state religion for more than 70 years. Medical aid and education in Russia are free, though Russians joke that education becomes less and less free with every year. One can still get a university education for free by passing the entrance tests (exams). Russian holidays: The biggest Russian holiday is New Year (1 January (by the way I was born on the 1 of January - And when you have yuor birthdays?). During the Soviet time people were not allowed to celebrate Christmas (Russian Christmas is 7 January), and New Year was the most cheerful holiday.
Thank you for your attention. I am looking forward for your stories abot your culture, hobbies. Good luck!

Hello people!

I’m very happy to see this forum! From a small topic that I sent one week ago we are developing a very interesting conversation. Now, I know a little bit more about Vietnam ( I never imagine that exists snow in Vietnam), and I want to know more about Russia.

Maybe I’ll have a tourist guide in Vietnam, won´t me?

About my country festivals, I can say there is a lot of festivals and parties. If you are looking for FUN, come to Brazil.

The most popular is Carnival (in February or March), it’s 4 days of parties and happines. Each city has a type of Carnival, the most famous is in Rio de Janeiro and Bahia (
In the North of the country there is The Parintins Festival (I never went there, because here the North is really far from here - up to 4 hours by plane) ( … e_Festival).

Ollga and Rupak, thans for join in our conversation!

Ollga, your name is famous here in Brazil and named an interesting movie about her history. She was a german-brasilian comunist, that suffered on second world war after married with an important and revolutionary of Brazil.

Regards, I intend to write again to you in this year.


Hey folks,

I found this video on you tube, all the narration in English (good to practice too). Its about Rio de Janeiro Carnival, very interesting, very beautiful.

Please, watch it and send your reviews :


Hey everybody! New year is coming. My time zone is GMT+7. And the new year is coming in about 7 hours and a half after this reply is posted. Wishing all of you a very happy and successful year 2010. :slight_smile: