my first voice recoding

this is my first voice recording . I am anxious to know how my voice sounds to others. Hope to get good feedback. thanks a lot for encourging .

This is going to be my first voice message. My name is Cynthik, and I live in Argentina. I want to say that Im enjoying all the lessons that I receive from Torsten, and I am very thankful. I love speaking in English. I think it is a wordly language, the most important one.
I like classical music very much, and reading. I look forward to listen to your replay and comments. Kind regards!

Hi Drraman,

I am able to understand you perfectly. Good jobs. Each word ending sound is great.

Hi Drraman,

Bravooo !To me you sound very understandable and clear :slight_smile:
but you know :wink: as we’re not native speakers , we always have something to work on

** Here some words that sound a little bit off to me ( although I still can get them )
1- " I don’t know what to say "
you did pronounce " say " as " see " which are 2 totally different verbs in meaning and pronunciation as well
say = /seɪ/ rhymes with words like pay ,way , day and clay
while " see" = /si/ rhymes with words like tea , knee , tree and be

2- I’ll get a good response "
/ rɪˈspɑns/ There’s no " o " sound in this word

3- " next time I post " , " and I hope to get … "
In these 2 words we have the same sound /oʊ/
post rhymes with words like hope ,most and rope