My first voice message

This is my first voice record message here on the forum.

Hello Tropilius,
how are you doing today? welcome to it’s great to know about your country Croatia. Tell us something about you, what do you, what is your hobby? and this
will help us to know each other.
looking forward for your massages.

take care

Hello Bharati,
it is very nice of you to answer to me in a such sort time,very kindness from you.
Where are you from Bharati, could you tell me something about yourself?

Hello Tropilius,

Nice to meet you. I am Hungarian so our countries are neighbours. I like very much Croatia. One of my friends have a house in Vir-Island (near Zadar) and every summer they invited us for 2 weeks.

This was the first summer that we didn’t come because the previous summer my husband became ill, and as I can’t drive, my son and his wife had to pick us up, and take us home. We needed two persons because somebody had to drive home our car also.

So we decided that we never go to Vir anymore though our friends invited us again.

Mujibur and Yuri told me that a Croatian arrived there. I became very happy and I told them Crotia is our neighbour.

Best regards:
Kati svaby

Hi Kati Svaby,
I am glad to hear that you like croatia so much. Adriatic sea is very nice,as you could see. You know Kati, last year, my friends and I went to Budapest to spent hollidays (New years eve and few more days). It was great, we enoyed every day, we like Budapest very much, the only problem was, that it was very, very cold, in that time in Budapest was about I don’t known maybe 10 degrees below zero.
It is a very kindness of you contacted me.
Each day on forum I have one friend more.