My first voice message

Hello Everybody

This is my first voice recording here on the forum.


hello santa :slight_smile:
yes ,to improve my pronunciation you must talk to much ,as much as u can ,talk with native,i myself do it online :slight_smile: and of course listening to movies or news too much and repeat the new word or the word which u used to pronounce it incorrectly .
a question for you please,how can u record ur message ,i wanted to say what i typed to u on the record but don’t know how to do it :frowning:

Hi Fairygirl:)

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: Actually I do all that stuff, and I am still not so good as I want to. Anyway many thanks as I’ve got an idea after reading your comment. The idea is that i may be in a hurry to speak perfectly.
So, yep, It would be great to hear your comment :slight_smile: You should go at … o_messages and follow the instructions. Good luck and see you soon :slight_smile:

Ps. My name is Vesta :slight_smile:

Hi Vesta,

Thank you for your message which I enjoyed listening to. Don’t worry about your accent. Everyone has an accent. The main point is whether or not you can be understood and you are very easy to understand. From what you say, you are doing all the right things to improve your spoken English. Just keep on talking/chatting to people and you will gain confidence. You are very relaxed and fluent as you speak. Keep speaking on the forum and let us know what you are doing in Australia. Do you have any problems understanding Australian English?


thank you very much Vesta :slight_smile:
iam happy that you liked my suggestion(it will be hard for me to pronounce it ,as i find difficulties in pronouncing long words even when i did it with my native language lol)for you i hope best for luck ,be in touch,its very nice to meet you ,and thank u very much for telling me how to record my voice here ,that’s so sweet of you .my name is sara by the way ,good luck sweet Vesta ,hugsxxxxxxxx

Hi Alan

Many thanks for your replay. It’s inspired me to keep going. I decided to move to Australia mostly because of the great Australian climate. I know, it can look like a joke. To my mind people who spent a half of their lives trying to survive at minus temperature, would be agree with me. I really enjoy living in Australia. At the very beginning it was quite hard to understand Australian English, now it’s much better. But at times I don’t understand some specific words. Hope, it’s going to be better soon.
I worry about my accent because I went to an interview few days ago, and an interviewer said that my English is good, but my accent is quite strong. I found a pronunciation course and started training. The course is good but it’s American English. I’d be grateful if you comment that. Is that the right action? I just think it may be better to train English English pronunciation

Hi Sara

Nice to meet you :slight_smile: You are right mostly we transfer all our habits to English and experience the same difficulties plus new ones of course :slight_smile: I am just curious to know. What’s your native language? How long have you been studying English? I like your pronunciation, it’s very clear. Hope to hear from you soon and see you then :slight_smile: Bye! Have fun!

Hi Vesta,

The question of whether to copy a British or American English accent is really your choice and it also depends on what sort of environment you are going to work in. I would have thought that as you enjoy living in Australia you could find an Australian coach/teacher to help you with your pronunciation. I can only say that speaking with a particular accent isn’t going to change you or your personality. You will still be you. The important thing is clarity. Some people who have lived many years in the UK still retain their European accent (French/German/Spanish/Italian and so on) but because they know the language well and are easy to understand, you forget their accent and concentrate on what they are actually saying. One comment I would make having listened to your recording is that you could slow your speech down and try to give full value to the sounds you are making. There are some parts of your speech that are very clear and that is when you are speaking more slowly.

Anyhow let me know how you get on and speak to us again soon.

Best wishes,