My country celebrate august 20 by huge fireworks above river Duna...

Hi All,

My country celebrate august 20 by huge fireworks above river Duna.
The last one didn’t go so well, as far as I know 5 people died and about 300 got injured in the big storm of a kind we never seen before.
The storm began at the same time as the show, and lasted a bit longer.
Thousands of people were on the bridges, the whole donwtown was packed.
The storm ripped out trees, tore up roofs of houses, did a lot of things we never would’ve expected from a STORM.
Damn, this is the Carpatian-pool, or whatever they call it in English. If we have an earthquake so big it moves the chandelier one centimeter sidewards we talk about it for a lifetime.

Only real life can produce a shocking coincidence like this, 'cause we have this huge party once in a year that lasts for about half an hour.
It’s a sad thing, but this isn’t what I’d like to talk about.
Now they’re pointing at each other, looking for the ones who are responsible for the disaster.

This morning I was listening to the radio, and she says:
The chief of the weather forecasters received some written rating from some big shot for not warning the disaster team more times than they did about the coming storm.

The big shot recognized that warning their stupid team is non of the forecasters job at all, but he still feels like they could’ve done better if those guys had told them one more time: GUESS WHAT GUYS: THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

I don’t even know what this disaster team there for:
they need two and a half hours to react if anything happens (according to them, I don’t think they fast enough to react AT ALL)
and it seems like they don’t worry too much about the weather.
How’s that for a team like that?