"mutual" vs "shared"

I don’t remember whether I’ve asked this question or not, so if I have, please don’t be vexed. Thank you in advance.

We had a meal together and spend the whole day talking about our … interest.
a. similar
b. mutual
d. shared
==>> What should we choose and why? (I’ve seen both “mutual” and “shared” used in this case.

Many thanks

Hi Nessie

Did you type that sentence exactly as it appeared in your book? (There seem to be a couple of typos in it.)

‘Mutual interest’ is a normal collocation, but the use of the singular (interest) seems odd in the sentence.

And, of course, ‘spend’ would be better as ‘spent’.

Oh sorry, I must have been so careless when typing it, Amy.
And so “shared interests” is completely unacceptable? (I found 10 results for “mutual interests” and 28 results for “shared interests”) (+_+)


Hi Nessie

You could say either ‘mutual interests’ or ‘shared interests’.