much/very much

[color=red]1) He received much attention.
[color=blue]2) He received very much attention.

[color=red]3) He received attention much.
[color=blue]4) He received attention very much.

Which of the above are correct?



If you are using ‘(very) much’ as a determiner with a noun, you need to put it before the noun as in (1) and (2) but in (3) and (4) it is in the wrong place and so those are both wrong. ‘(Very) much’ when used as an adverb would come after the verb -

He didn’t do much work (determiner)

He didn’t work very much (adverb)


I think the adverb ‘well’ may fit in. (But I doubt whether it will go with ‘receive’) ‘He received attention in good/great measure’ would also make sense.