'Much too' versus 'Too much'


Could you please tell me if there is any difference between:

1- This job is much too risky.
2- This job is too much risky.



(2) is incorrect.


too much wrong? :shock: :shock:

Could you please give me some examples of sentences containing too much? In other words,when do we use too much?


Too much can be used with uncountable nouns:

[color=darkblue]We bought too much milk.
He displayed too much arrogance.
You can never possess too much information.

It is similar to using too many with countable nouns.

You can’t use too much to modify an adjective or an adverb. (I find, however, that this is a common mistake made by people from the Indian subcontinent, among other places.)

Much too and too much don’t mean the same thing. In much too, the word much intensifies the word too. Much can be replaced by far in this collocation: [color=darkblue]He was far too upset.