MS after 3.5 years of Work Experience (GRE questions)


I have completed my Engineering in 2003 in Mechanical Engineering

But after my completion of Graduation i shifted to IT .Now I would like to pursue my Higher Studies in USA in Information Technology.

Here is my Work Profile

  1. October 2003- Jan 2005 Worked as Software test engineer

  2. Feb 2005-till date working as Siebel Configurator.

I have a mediocre Academic record

  1. 10th 81%
    2)12th 67%
  2. Engineering 60%

A1) Can i go for my MS with this work exp
B)Suggest me good universities for MS
C)What sort of GRE score is good for applying .

d) recommendation letters do i need to take it from my professor or can i take i from my Superiors ( i mean my PM , PL , HR my colleagues etc ).

e) what would be the deadline to apply for 2008 Jan admissions

Note : My H1b for year 2006-2007 was rejected will this effect my F-1.


I have some information about visas and I can help you out.
Can you tell me the reasons why your H1 got rejected.
F1 rejection normally happens if you do not provide enough information on any property you own in your native country and you should sufficient proof for your non immigrant intent in the US .

My H1 Rejection was based on 221 (G) . There was issue on the company thro which i have applied,

" The company doesn’t seem or have a Job to provide in US ".

Please answers to my Previous questions