Movies should always show audience good people are being rewarded.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and televisions should always show audience good people are being rewarded and bad people are being punished.

Nowadays, movies and televisions become so popular that no one can avoid being influenced by them. Most movies and television programs exhibit people a wonderful world that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished. In my opinion, it’s the right direction for movies and television programs because of following reasons.

In the first place, the shows that in this direction will propagate the right value of people and society, especially for young people. As we all know, movies and television programs exert a considerable influence on children. They may imitate the role in the movie those who is cool to show their loves and respects, but many children judge a role just from whether they are cool or whether they can be a leader. This can give rise to curious situations that children will be misled by the movies. They may consider that the violence is the best way to solve problems. What’s more, if a bad role in the movie doesn’t be punished, children might think that because of his violent power so that he can escape from putting into jails.

Second, among the movies and the television programs’ functions is to entertain people. People through the movies relax their mind and maybe gain enlightenments. If the good people were misunderstood and the bad people were out of punishment in the end, the audience will feel indignation at injustice and they might feel depressed. On the contrary, if the bad people got punishment he deserves, all the audiences would be happy. In addition, the directors and editor of movies usually use movies to express their thoughts, so movies always have a perfect ending.

However, our society is not in movies. There are many things that are not equitable. We can’t leave in movies. We live in reality, so we are not able to think that everything will have a happy ending. A person who doesn’t live in reality will be keen on pursuing the justice that just exists in movies. He will be angry and disappointed with the imperfect society. For those people, we must lead them to the right way and told them what reality is.

To sum up, movies and television programs should show that people finally get what they deserve.

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