Most of us believe that it is important to protect the environment but few of us

Topic: Most of us believe that it is important to protect the environment but few of us make efforts to achieve this goal. What are the causes of this phenomenon and what are your solutions?

Nowadays, environment contamination problem is the most severe problem related to the sustainable development of humanity. Both the governments and the individuals have realized the significance of preserving the only one earth we live for the sake of our next generations. However, with the awareness of this issue, the majority people just talk about it and few of us make efforts to realize the goal. In this essay, I intend to explore some possible causes of this dilemma and then propose some solutions.

Obviously, the causes of this phenomenon are diverse. The first is that the people are less educated on how to make efforts in environment protection. The knowledge of little things that can be undertaken in everyday’s life to protect environment is limited. For instance, most local residents do not know the methods of sorting and disposing of household waste, which is the easiest way of environment protecting in urban cities. Furthermore, most of the environment friendly products are more expensive than the traditional ones. Considering their salary level, most people are reluctant to buy the product with new low energy consuming because of its high cost. Even through it is obvious that the cars based on solar energy are better than the oil consuming ones, most of customers tend to buy the latter because of its price advantage. Thirdly, most of us are used to the way they live despite its harm to the environment. Considering plastic bags for example, people are reluctant to give up using it due to it convenience although supermarkets begin to charge for it.

Based on the above analysis, the solution to this phenomenon should be various. I think governments need to hold lectures on the topic about how to make our daily lives more eco-friendly in communities. Meanwhile, subsidy can be paid by the government to those who buy low carbon automobiles and home appliances. Research should also be focus on developing replacements of the disposable products.

In sum, I think the environment problems are not easy to deal with. In order to make our life better and give our next generation blue skies, clean rivers and airs, we should take action from now on regardless of how hard it will be.

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