More English Improvement

Hi, to every one

First of all I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you people who inviting, teaching, and participating in this forum. Especial thanks afford to Mr.Torsten. Their advices and efforts are amazing and to all teachers and coaches indeed. However, before 3 days ago I received first e-mail from Torsten discussed the way of this site to improve English language and this can be achieved by regularly sending some lessons, test, and audio script which are valuable and can give you a lot of benefits. But until I receive the next lesson I find my self eagerly need more exercises, tests and lessons to just practice more English.

I hope my discussed point clear while I belive that you will advice me and give some recommendations or hints during my empty time.
PLS:I’d be appreciated for any guidance of help from our colleagues

Thanks and best regards,

Good morning John. Congratulations for your suggestions and comprehensive feedback.
I’m sure that Alan and Torsten will make note of your worthy comments.
It’s also good to hear that you are receiving benefit from your attendance here, and it’s nice to note that you appreciate it.
Things are happening in the back-ground all of the time, and we also should not forget our back-room guys, especially Slava who does a really great job in ensuring that all runs smoothly.


Thanks for your reply Kitosdad and I totally agree with you. Also, I pay my admiration to Alan, Slava, and to all our back-room guys.

Thanks to you again Kitosdad to inform me with all other markable staff here in English-test site.

Best regards,