More about publicizing

Hi Alan,
I read your post about Torsten’s work to publicize this web site in a different forum. I believe that without this successful team work you could not have created and publicized this wonderful web site.
Speaking about publicizing I was thinking about placing advertisement on other web sites. For instance, if you advertise this web site on which is undoubtfully the best Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary on the web, the number of users can at least double here. The mentioned web site also contains lots of other dictionaries in different languages.
I believe that you have already thought about this. I am just writing this to support the idea.

All the best
Zahir Ahmadov

Dear Zahir,

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding our site. You are right, is a highly popular web portal and placing an ad there certainly is a proposal we will consider. However, the most effective and valuable form of promotion is exchanging experiences and ideas with people like you. So please do continue to make suggestions and ask questions.
Speak to you soon,

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