Moral vs Lesson

Today, I found a good word, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”
Is this a moral or a lesson?
Can anyone tell me the differences between the words moral and lesson?

This is a lesson, because it taught you how to live and work perfectly. The meaning of this sentence is “You should finish your works on schedule before the deadline” or “If you can do your work today, then do not leave it tomorrow for any reason”.

In my personal idea, I think that I never let my unfinished works to tomorrow while I still can finish them today, because it waits my time. In addition, the time never wait for everyone, it always elapse even you don’t notice it.

The different of a moral and a lesson is that:

Moral is expressed when you talk to people behavior, how they treat other people around them and so on.
Lesson is about your experiences, it is expressed when you talk to someone about your experiences in actions against nature force or other thing happen to you.

Kim Sa

Dear Kim, thank you for your explantion. I would appreciate your help.
Basically, I have the same idea as yours but sometimes I’ve put things off.

And I want you to make sure if I said “Don’t be harrrass to the animals” or “Don’t bully fat kids,”
my word would sound like a moral education but would this be a lesson?

Actually, this saying is a proverb. A proverb is a succinct saying which states a general truth or piece of advice. As such, it can be seen as a very short lesson. It has been seen in various forms since the 14th Century (source), and was famously attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

Thank you for sharing that with me, Beeesneees
As you said, I think proverbs can be seen as a short lesson.
When I say why I asked this question here, it’s because my country has only one word to express moral and lesson that are used in English
So I was confused which I should use, but now I was able to understand more about it. Thanks!