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Topic: Learning to manage money is one of the key aspects of adult life. How in your view can individuals best learn to manage their money?

Personal financial management is undoubtedly a significant skill which adult must master in their maturity lives. Consequently, participating in courses, establishing budget and building several habits would be some measures that can be taken into consideration to train people to manage their money.

The first method for individuals to take is to enroll on specialized finance management courses. Such classes help educate people in the value of money which might be underrated by young generation early in their adult lives. When attending those courses, people can also achieve fundamental knowledge and valuable pieces of advice from financial specialists to make use of their income. They, therefore, are able to make a detailed plan for their spendings and get used to governing their money afterwards.

Another strategy is to set up a budget for each individual. One can start by keeping track of all the expenses in a month, including bills and receipts in order to outline the average spending money they need. This can be done by utilizing applications in smartphones which help monitor all the expenditure. Once people have data about the required amount of money, they can work out a permitted monthly allowance for themselves that must balance their income and expenses. It is also crucial to manage to live without spending excessive amount to keep the budget on track.

In addition, forming some helpful financial habits plays an essential role in expenses management. Consumers ought to draw up a list of their necessities before shopping to avoid squandering money on things that they are attracted. Furthermore, prices should always be taken into consideration when buyers make their decisions. Purchasers, therefore, are encouraged to go online shopping, since they are able to compare price of similar items on different websites to find the best bargains.

In conclusion, it is clear that several important methods could help people learn to manage their money efficiently.

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Thank you so much. And yes, there’s still more than a month until our Lunar New Year and almost all Vietnamese follow kind of zodiac, but our signs are slightly different from Chinese’s

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