Money in human life

Money play a central role in our daily lives. Some people consider its necessity to meet the daily needs. On the other side, a few people consider it secondary. However, the importance of money can only be self- defined depend on persons. My ideas of the importance of money may not be the same of the other. Therefore, money for me is an indispensable thing, you can’t stay at home without money. It plays a critical role in our lives. My reasons and examples listed below will strengthen my point of view.

In the first place, money used to make our life easily, fantastic and make us optimistic because we can do what we want . Imagine your life without money. Your kids want to go to the Zoo, what will you do?. You have moral but you don’t have Money , what will you do?. One of your family member is ill, how will you treat him?

By Money, we can do whatever we want, also, whenever and wherever. For example, my friend gained in high school a ( A ) , but he can’t pursue his education because his family is poor, another friend from a wealthy family gained a ( B), so his father send him to study Medicine in East Europe. These are examples about the importance of money.

Nowadays, the social relationships depend on the financial situation. In spite of the importance of money , there is an important aspect must be considered in our life. This is moral aspect, which must be compatible with the existence of money.

To put all in a nutshell, money play a central role in our live without it you can do nothing. Enough money , you can do what you want.

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