Can we use a phrase module control tests instead of module tests.

Can you give the context please?

It was a title of a teaching aid, that included tests to a textbook. The book is English, but the tests are made by some Ukrainian teacher, its aim is to check at the end of each unit how students learned the material. I have never come across this phrase. In English books we have only module tests or self-assessment module, but never module control tests . So, I’m a bit confused.

I’ve never heard it either. The term could be used and understood, but I wouldn’t describe it as an ideal phrase to describe the attainment tests that you seem to be talking about.

Thanks Bev,
But the teaching aid I’m speaking about is sort of officially published, how could they publish something with such a mistake?

It’s not a mistake - it’s what they wanted to call it.

OK, I see, thx )