''Modern society and quest for human happiness''CAT W essay.

Q:Write an essay in response to reading passage. In your essay, write the summary of passage and you should also develop your essay in response to one of important ideas of the author.
My response: Some people agree that rich people are happier than poor people, while others contends that money does not bring the happiness. According to essay ‘‘Modern Society and Quest for Human Happiness’’, by Dalali Lama, people living in developed countries and tend to be richer are less satisfied than those living in underdeveloped countries and are poor. The author mentions that although rich
people look happy and spend more luxurious life externally, they are not contented with what they have internally and want to earn more wealth. On the otherhand, poor people are more satisfied despite of having suffering of life, because they have less expectations of life. Although Lama has made a good point that people who are poor and live in agrarian society are happier than those who are wealthy and live in developed society , I refutes with the author that poor people of country with low standard of living are less anxious than wealthy people of industrialized countries.

I had some relatives back in my native country, who are so poor even they donot have enough money for basic necessity of life such as food ,cloth and shelter. They live in a house with a floor made of dirt because they cannot buy bricks. They were spending miserable lives because the government of the underdeveloped country donot provide benefits to poor people as the government of developed country.Some times they have to starved. .As a result ,most people of my country want to migrate to the USA for better quality of life.
Based on my personal experience, I think that wealthy people of an industrialized country are happier and contented than poor people of agrarian country.

Poor people in underdeveloped country die because they cannot afford the expensive treatment for many deadly diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, tuberculosis.
I remembered one of my neighbor in my country where I grew in who had a cancer. His parents are so poor that they could not buy medicines for his son. At last, cancer the took life of this poor boy . I think that if Lama had a experience of living in developed country, he would understand what are the sufferings of poor people in such countries.

In short, I disagree with the author that people who are wealthy and live in countries with high standard of living are more anxious than the people who are poor and live in countries with low standard of living. How people can be happy if they donot have enough money for the food, cloth, shelter and for the treatment of their sick children?

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Hi Huriahkh, I think your content was very good on this one. You did have some mistakes in grammar and verb tense, but overall your writing was very clear.