Mobile phone/ cellphone

I’m a teacher (in training) of English in Belgium and I have to use British English.
What is British English: mobile phone or cellphone?

Thank you very much :smiley:

I guess, It’s mobile phone in BE.

Thanks, I thought so too. :smiley:

Hi ElvisFannetjeh,

Just to confirm that ‘mobile phone’ or simply ‘mobile’ on its own is used in the UK. I am curious to know why you have to use British English.


Well all the Student’s books we use in Belgium are based on British English. The one I use now comes from OXFORD University Press. I think it is said in the curriculum of English that we have to use it. So the Belgium government decided this.
I think it is because Britain is nearer to Belgium than any other English speaking country. It’s nearly a neighbour country.
The most important thing is that we stick to the same accent (and spelling and grammar) and that we don’t switch between British and American all the time.
Preferably British English.