miss him more vs. miss him a lot

  • Hi, how are you?
    First thanks for the reply.
    I am realy so happy because there are many grammar I thought it’s so easy and than surprised I’m not good at it,but it’s much better now ,so many thanks.

*Please teacher I want to ask about (a lot,so,much,more) how we can use it?
For example ,what i should to say :
I miss him a lot , or I miss him so much, or I miss him more?

*My favorite music is the romance one ,and I sing it very well special Fairoz’s songs.Do you know her?

Thanks ,and it’s so nice to talk with you.
Marah Saladin.

Hello Marah,

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’ I miss him a lot’ and ‘I miss him so much’ are both correct. You could say either, and they carry a very similar meaning, as they both express to what degree you miss him.

‘I miss him more’, might be okay if you were trying to reply to somebody who had just said they miss him. You could then say ‘I miss him more (than you do).’

However, without that context, it doesn’t make as much sense, and sounds like an unfinished sentence. I would expect you to say what you miss him more than.

‘I miss him more every day.’
‘I miss him more than life itself’
‘I miss him more than I used to.’

Please note that your question needs a little work here. It should say “My favorite music is romantic music, especially Fairoz’s songs. Do you know her?”

But, to answer your question, no I’m not familiar with Fairoz’s work. What are some of the songs she sings?

I’m sure Marah won’t mind my answering for her (ahlan wa sahlan, ya Marah!).

Fairuz is one of the greatest Lebanese singers of all time. Here’s some information about her: