Mini-conclusion after each idea in the essay?

Is it necessary/advised/forbidden/not advised to finish your first & second main idea with a mini conclusion?
For instance:


  1. First main idea 2) Explanations of 1st main idea 3) Example 4) Mini-conclusion of that idea

  2. Second main idea 2) Explanations of 2nd main idea 3) Example 4) Mini-conclusion of that idea

Thank you,

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I think it can be a good idea. The trouble is that TOEFL essays are sometimes so short that you end up having a topic sentence, two supporting sentences, and then a mini-conclusion that restates your topic sentence. If you are not careful, the mini-conclusion can sound repetitive or redundant. If your paragraph is longer, I think it can make your essay stronger and easier to understand, but is not necessarily required.

Hi Luschen, thanks for your answer. I suppose I should include one then depending on the length of my paragraphs.

Sure, if your paragraphs are 5 or 6 sentences long, I think a mini-conclusion can be useful in making your essay easier to understand.