Mind, it is a joke no longer

Hi teachers,

Please look at these both sentences.

Mind, it is no longer a joke.

Mind, it is a joke no longer.

Is there any difference?
Why does “no longer” stand at the end?

Thanks in advance



No longer
is used usually before the verb, Jupiter. If you want to take it to the end of the sentence, use any longer or any more.(I think)

1- They no longer live here.
2- She no longer loves him.

1- They do not live here any longer
2- They do not live here any more.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your response.
I do agree with you.

But the sentence was taken from New Headway Upper-Intermediate. It is an exract from “The Mayor of Casterbridge” by Hardy, Thomas.

What do you think?


I’d say using no longer at the end should be seen as an “optional” location in the sentence — possibly to add a bit of emphasis.