Some people think that the family is the most important influence on young adults . Other people think that friends are the most important. influence on young adults. What view do YOU agree with using examples.

Man is indeed a social animal who likes to interact with other human beings. These interactions produce an immense influence on us especially in the age where we transition from being children to growing up and being adults. We are mainly influenced by our family and friends in this tender age. I believe that the family has a greater impact on the minds of youth than their friends.

Young adults generally live with their families thereby spending more time with their family than their friends. Also members of a family have the same cultural background, same sets of values and often think on similar LINES which makes them identify with each other. Also the bonds between family members are based on love, care and concern for each other. It is also seen that since childhood most children idolize their parents as their role models for THE future. For example I have chosen to be a doctor since both my parents are doctors. Thus it is easier for young individuals to BECOME influenced by a family member.

Friends are generally seen AS belongING in the same age group thereby it can be seen that young adults have friends mainly from their own age group. These friends are the ones we spend time WITH having fun and enjoying. Friends accept you irrespective of what you are whereas the family is ambitious for you and trY to push you harder to bring out the best in you. Since a family expects a lot from you, you try to do better in everything you do to meet their expectations. Friends are supportive of what you do but a family supports you without being too judgemental. Family provides us with a sense of security which no other friend could provide. Friends have almost the same amount of experience as you do whereas a family has more experience and maturity of thought which is very helpful in making important decisions for you.

Thus a family is seen to have a MORE profound influence on the mind of a young adult than theIR friends would ever do.
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