Memorizing things in English

I went to a site that offers various techniques for easier memorising.

I find it difficult to memorize using the method they offer however. Here is why. When I am in the US and try to think about a place or a situation in English I am not sure if people would understand what I am thinking of. Furthermore, I am not used the things many Americans like. Cookies and strawberry tarts are things that I consider trivial and I cannot even remember their names.
I think that I need to be more clear.
The site tells that a person should think of something that they like. For an example cookies. In my culture cookies are consiered irrelevant. Moreover, I cannot think of some of the Bulgarian dishes that I like because they are not common in America and I do not even know their names.
This is where the difficulty comes.
They say think of stawbery tarts when you try to remember the Tort’s laws. Well, I have eatern strawberry tarts just once and I do not even like them. How am I to remember Tort’s laws when I do not even like strawbery tarts?
I like baklava however yet I am not even sure that baklava means something to americans. What makes it difficult for me is that it is hard to think of things that others may not know. It would seem like I would just be inventing words and this may lead me to difficulties when I communicate with others.

I will recap. How to use memorization techniques when this may lead to difficulties in communication with others?

how does memorizing something lead to complications when communicating? isnt it the other way around?

Actually you’re quite right yo, It shouldn’t be a pickle when you want to express yourself.
I more often than never think in English when trying to remember something I’ve learnt by heart, just keep it simple man use the antimoon system that says that you need input before speaking and writting and use this just as you have it in your brain. Don’t ever ever translate, it just never works.

[color=blue]I hope I’ve shed some light in this hole.