Meet someone halfway?

What does “Meet someone halfway” mean?

Hi Pidora,
I am not also sure what meeting someone halfway mean. Has it got something to do with writing one a letter? someone help out.

His dreams were dashed simply means his dreams were spoiled or tampered with due to something that might have occurred.

‘to meet one half-way’ means to be ready to make a compromise, to make a deal with someone…

“meet someone halfway”

1.-Find a meeting place that would accomodate to the needs of two or more parties.
Example: Two friends need two exchange phones that were mistakingly taken by each of them during their work day, by the time they realized their mistake, they agree on some point in the middle (DECIDING ON A POINT HALF THE DISTANCE FROM THEIR CURRENT POSITION) where it will be fair enough for the two of them to meet in.

2.-Agree on anything where both parties give up something for the sake of the other.
Example: A marriage working out their problems and reaching an agreement where the two of them decide to give in to the other`s needs, expectations or desires.

This is my personal input as of how I understand “to meet someone halway”. Hoping it will be helpful.

God bless you.

Hi Miliica and Cisco,
Thanks very much for your help.I think both of you end up in the same conclusion.Making a deal with someone for the benefit of you two in a certain situation that would have otherwise called for some loggerhead state.

My pleasure!
God bless you and merry Christmas to you and Miliica.