Could anybody tell me “exposure visit” means “go sightseeing”?

I don’t think so; it sounds more like an introductory visit for business purposes. Have you no context?

With a certain context, the phrase can refer to a visit for the visiter(s) to expose themselves to something = to go through a personal experience of something.

Hi ThanhTran,

‘Exposure visit’ could easily be misinterpreted. It seems to be an expression that has been so compressed that it has no real meaning.


I mean, for example, in an official letter from an A company to a B embassy, it’s written that:" We would like to propose an exposure visit for our delegation at C company in B (country) …"

‘Exposure visit’ would carry no meaning for me.
Perhaps ‘introductory visit’ would be appropriate.

Yes, or what I said - to expose A Company’s employees (perhaps lower management) to B’s culture, as the company might do for trainees in an international division. There are SIMILAR USES on Google.

Thanks for all. I also very appreciate Mister Micawber’s useful link on google. Hope to get more effective help from everybody.