I can’t understand the meaning :'the tabloid papers tend to shout at you…
’ Can you help me to see the meaning?

Thank you!

Can you provide more of the context please, Antonella?

This is not a usual saying, so we need a little more information before we are able to explain it.

Here is the sentence:The Times has gone into a tabloid format but the tone of the paper hasn’t changed -they still use more serious language ,they still use smaller headlines .Whereas ,a tabloid newspaper tends to shout at you a bit more,tends to direct your eyes more across the page,huge pictures,huge headlines-it tells you what to think and how to react.(it’s from a recording script)

Hi Antonella,

The script is saying that although the Times is now sold in a tabloid format (smaller page size), it maintains its serious tone more than most of the tabloid papers.

They seem to shout at you = they tend to be a sensationalist in style, with attention grabbing (though not necessarily accurate) headlines and a brash tone.