meaning of ultimate

Hello everyone

I’d like to ask about the meaning of “ultimate” in the following passages.

Beliefs, behavior, and emotions have been the major themes in this evolution of medical thought. But these themes have not explored or touched our [color=blue]ultimate divine essence, the soul. Mystics have written extensively of their experiences, which are often beautiful examples of the beginning of enlightenment. However, I was not aware of any spiritual being who has provided a specific blueprint for enlightenment—until I met Dr. YYY!

Dr. YYY’s book opens the door for everyone to experience the power of soul—the [color=blue]ultimate journey of the soul. I hope you will receive as much joy, healing, blessing, and transformation from it as I have!

Does “ultimate” mean final or does it mean primary/original in this context?

ultimate - 6. not to be improved upon or surpassed; greatest; unsurpassed: the ultimate vacation spot; the ultimate stupidity.
ultimate - 3. The greatest extreme; the maximum: actions that represented the ultimate in political expediency.

Thank you very much, Milanya.