meaning of "to turn to"

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Could somebody explain to me the meaning of “who to turn to for advice on this subject …” or “she turn to her sister for advice”

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15. To have recourse to a person or thing for help, support, or information.

PS: in plain English, it means to use somebody for advise.

Imagine you are standing in a room. Around you are 5 people. Each person has knowledge on a specific subject; each person could help you.

Now you must choose which person is the most suitable and TURN TOwards them and face them so you may ask for what you need.

Therefore; “who to turn to” simply means who to ask for support; be that support; an answer, advice, comment, help, comfort, assistance …etc


“She turned to her Sister for advice” means that she asked her sister for some advice.

When you do not know “who to turn to” it means: you do not know who to ask for support; you are alone; normally in a problem situation.

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