Meaning of "To shot through the roof"

Dear Alan

“To shot through the roof” , please explain what does it mean?

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Difficult to know what you mean unless you describe the situation in which this sentence occurs. It would either be active infinitive: To shoot through the roof or passive infinitive: To be shot rhough the roof.


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As Alan says, context would be needed to know what the phrase refers to.

The idiom ‘to shoot through the roof’ usually means ‘to increase greatly’: Sales (taxes, prices, costs, etc.) have shot through the roof over the last year. The phrasal verb ‘to shoot up’ is often used in this sense, too.

The expression can also be used literally: the house was on fire and flames were shooting through the roof.

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Dear Conchita

Perhaps you are right that the meaning shall be “increase greatly”, because based on the context it’s intended to talk about the dramatically change in the cost of sales.

By the way, I’ve already encountered with another problem is that I always hear the shipping agency mention about the “draft survey”, can you give me an example what it is?

Again, thanks a lot


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That’s a new term for me. After some Google searching, I found that, in the context of shipping, a draft survey refers to a quantity inspection.

The following link gives some more information on this: … lobId=5552

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shot through the roof idiom is used when the prices are high
for instance, govt. reject the approval of the project because of shot through the roof of a project.

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