Meaning of "to be in the doghouse"


I have some questions and need your help.

1/ what does this expression mean “to be in the doghouse”?

2/ Do we say “I could eat a horse” when we are feeling very hungry?

3/ If we rent an apartment, the owner of the apartment will be our landlord. So, what will we call this person if she is a woman?

4/ If Monday is the first day of the month, the very next Saturday is which day of the month?
a) the fifth day
b) the sixth day
c) the seventh day
d) the Forth day

I think the answer is d), because letter F is capitalized. just think :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi tortoise

Here are some answers:

  1. to be in the doghouse” means that someone is angry about something you did (or didn’t do).
    I forgot my wife’s birthday and now I’m in the doghouse.

  2. Yes, “I could eat a horse” means you are extremely hungry.

  3. Landlady

  4. “Forth” has nothing to do with numbers! :shock:
    (4th is spelled with a “u” in it => “fourth”)
    I think someone was trying to trick you with that capital F. :wink:

The correct answer to the question is a) fifth


Wouldn’t it be sixth ?, Amy?

Monday= Ist
Tuesday= 2nd
Wednesday= 3rd
Thursday= 4th
Friday= 5th
Saturday= 6th


Hi Amy!

An issue were: where you would get the mass of cetchup from. :lol:

Michael :wink:


Hi Michael

That would indeed require an unusually large supply of Ketchup. Let’s look at that issue as an opportunity to be creative. :smiley:


Thank you, Amy.

Well, I thought “the very next Saturday” is Sunday! What a big confusion!

OOPS! :roll: :shock:

It seems that we’re both wrong! :shock: :lol:
And Tom was 100% right!

The very next Saturday” means the “first Saturday after

Let’s look at this very “scientifically”: (Like Tom did! ;))
Mon . Tue . Wed . Thur . Fri . [color=violet]Sat
1 … 2 … 3 . … 4 … 5 … [color=violet]6

The very next Saturday is the sixth day of the month.

(whose mathematical skills need some brushing up. :lol: :D)