Meaning of term "nethics"

An interesting article drew my attention the other day. I came across the term” nethics” (that is my intuitive translation of this word from Russian into English.) It denotes norms of behaviour in the Internet. Google gave me some results in reference to Deutsch. I still have some doubts if it exists in English. But to my way of thinking this word probably exists because the majority of loan words in Russian language are of English origin(to be more correct, borrowed from English language).I think it is originated from two words: [b]net/b and ethics.

Have you ever heard this word?
Do you share my opinion that it is a portmanteau word?

Hi Pamela

I’d heard “netiquette” before but not “nethics”. It sounds like a logical development, though. :smiley: I googled a bit and found this:


[i]3. Nethics or “cyber ethics” are usually taken as comprising all the moral principles which govern the behaviour of websurfers (i.e. Internet users or, sometimes, “Internet citizens”).

  1. Nethics are tending to replace “netiquette”, which is simply a series of good conduct rules for the Internet (seen by some users as prohibiting intrusive commercial advertising, or political and religious “propaganda”, and encouraging Internet citizens to behave in a manner regarded as “civic”.)

Yes, I’d say that’s a portmanteau. :smiley:


Hi Amy
Thanks a lot for the link and feedback. My search was not as detailed as yours :wink: