Meaning of "Stop, do not pass Go..."

Dear All,
Could You tell me the meaning of:
“Stop,do not pass Go, do not collect 2OO $”
(not in game, in life)
Thanks a lot

I’d have an other question as well:
Are there any rules about using this form:
“They play good music there”
instead of this: “good music is played there”

And my lost question is: (I promise)
Which one is proper:
“You are not allowed to smoke here” or
“You are not allowed smoking here” or
“to smoking here”
Thank You,

Stop. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $2OO.” – this is a well-known penalty in the board game called ‘Monopoly’, and is used in conversation to warn of or bring attention to any sort of minor penalty in life.

They play good music there” vs “good music is played there”-- the meanings are the same, but the passive voice draws less attention to the agent (‘they’), so we focus on the music rather than the music makers.

You are not allowed to smoke here” or “Smoking is not allowed here”-- those are your choices, Spencer. Allow does not take the -ing verb form as complement.

Thanks a lot, this forum is amazing,

Hi Spencer,

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