meaning of "something + deal"

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Could somebody explain to me the meaning of “something deal …”
ex:- she got a good deal

  • book deal,…
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In this case “deal” refers to some kind of transaction, agreement, settlement, etc., often financial in nature.

“She got a good deal” would typically mean she was able to buy something at a low price. It could also refer to any of numerous other kinds of advantageous outcome.

A “book deal” usually means an agreement between an author and publisher, whereby the publisher pays the author for the right to publish his or her book(s).

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Can I say:
“She got a good deal of business today.”

Yes, but the meaning of ‘deal’ would not be the same as it is in the above messages.
a good deal of’ in that context would be understood to mean the equivalent of ‘a good amount of’.
She got a lot of business that day.

deal: noun
A significant but unspecified amount of something
he lost a great deal of blood

Could somebody explain to me the meaning of “stand up for myself” ,“to get over”
i have tried to get over all the cheating.i know that she is very close to his family and i also know that his family does not like me because i stand up for my self

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You should always capitalise the word “I”. You should always put a space before starting a new sentence.

… get over all the cheating.i know that she is very … – WRONG
… get over all the cheating. I know that she is very … – CORRECT

In this case “get over” presumably means “recover from a difficult experience”.

“to stand up for oneself” means to be strong and confident in the face of opposition from other people; to be firm in one’s opinions and actions.

In your sentence, “my self” should be “myself”.