meaning of Smoothie

“Complex carbohydrates, such as wholemeal bread or pretzels, will boost low blood-sugar levels, and protein, such as a smoothie or some turkey, will help your muscles repair themselves.”

I thought smoothie was pacifier. But I don’t think it fits into this sentence. Can anybody tell me what kind of food a smoothie is?

Hi all potted out

A smoothie is a type of fruit drink. A common recipe is orange juice, strawberries and a banana blended until smooth. Yoghurt, ice cream or milk are sometimes added.

You can get a detailed description from Wikipedia:

If you do a Google search for “smoothie”, Google Images will provide you with lots of pictures.

I’ve never heard a pacifier referred to as a “smoothie”, but pacifiers do tend to have lots of varying nicknames. :lol:


Hi all potted out,

To me smoothie (although I know it’s a drink also) will always be a description of someone who is very calm,cool and collected and is able to win every challenge and as we say able to charm the birds out of the trees.