meaning of "premise"

Hello everyone
I’d like to ask about the meaning of the verb “premise” in the following passage.

The SPW was officially opened by welcoming addresses and opening remarks given by senior officers representing the EC, UNIFEM and the ILO. In her opening remarks, the Deputy Director of UNIFEM, Ms Joanne Sandler, noted that, while the normative environment for gender equality had improved, implementation and accountability were lagging behind. She also recalled that the EC and UNIFEM had sponsored one of the first global meetings on gender equality and aid effectiveness in November 2005. At that meeting, some key questions had been raised, including, (1) If aid is going to be premised on national ownership, will national priorities for gender equality be included?

SPW is short for Strategic Planning Workshop.
Does “to be premised” mean “to be based”?

Yes, generally. National ownership would be a prerequisite.

Thank you very much, Mister Micawber.