Meaning of "points of hair"


I would like to know if the directly opposite part of the root of my hair ( of head) could be called points of hair. Many of the women only get the points of their hair cut.



“Points of hair” reminds me of one of the hairdo pictures that Jamie posted… :lol:

No, Tom, saying “points of hair” only sounds humorous to me. Did you happen to try googling that phrase? I did. And I only got 2 results in Google images. Here’s one of them:


The word you need is ends.
Some women get their hair “trimmed” (cut) in order to eliminate the “split ends”.


Yes, Amy, that’s exactly the word I needed.
Many thanks! :lol:

So, do we have our ends [color=red]trimmed or [color=red]cut?


PS: Is ends OK or I should say ends of hair?

Tom, if you’re at the hairdresser and you say “Just cut (trim) a little off the ends.”, don’t you think “hair” would be clearly understood in that context? 8)