meaning of "pointedly"

Hello everyone

I’d like to ask about the meaning of “pointedly” in the following context:

The word emanation has the Latin root ex mano, literally meaning
“from the hand” or coming “out of the hand.” The meaning of the
word has evolved to “something that issues from a source; an emission,”
“the act of coming (or going) out; becoming apparent.” Either
of these definitions describes quite pointedly the meaning of the
word as I intend it.

Does “pointedly” mean exactly/precisely in this case?

To make evident.

Thank you very much, Molly.

So this part of the sentence can be rephrased as follows: either of these definitions makes the meaning of the word evident as I intend it?

In other words, if you read these definitions you’ll understand what this word means to me – how I understand this word.

“Makes evident” is good, yes.

Thank you very much, Molly.