Meaning of point of sale, point of order, selling point, etc

I’ll be very gratefull if someone helps me and explains the meanings of these words :wink:

market segment
point of sale
point of order
selling point
action point
focus group
peer group
top sales stuff
niche market
captive market
luxury market

Hi Che, you will find the defintions of these words in any dictionary – online or in a printed version. However, before you start looking them up one by one, why don’t you take a look at the text you found them in? You will understand the meaning of those words best, if you read an article where they appear in context.

Also, please make sure you know the correct spelling of ‘grateful’ (other examples are successful, useful, thankful, etc.). Another tricky word is stuff because it is often confused with staff.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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market segment, as the term implies, this is a part of a market. E.G. the computer market consists of many market segments I.E. laptops

point of sale, this is the place where a sale takes place

point of order , the place where the order is written.

selling point , a reason presented to give a reason to buy the product, or to use the service.

action point, ‘Action Point (abbreviated AP) are points in Computer and video games to determine how much action a unit (or character) can do in a single turn.’

focus group , in marketing, this is the group that has been determined to be the best group on which to focus the most resources.
peer group, this term refers to others offering tghe same product or service as your compNY.

top sales stuff ???

niche market , A niche market is a market segment that is underserved, usually by the major players. niche markets are important to small players that don’t have the resources to go after the bigger segments. they are also important because they can offer a greater profit potential I.E because niches are generally unappreciated, they will often offer to pay more.

captive market , a captive market is forced to use your product or service. E.G. people staying in a hotel are often forced to use the hotels services.

luxury market, a luxury market is a market desiring, and capable of paying for upscale goods and services, E.G. rolls royce needs to exploit a luxury market.


?? In a business vocabulary list?

Top sales staff.

“Point of order”
Have a look at this link:

Context is necessary to know for sure what is meant by “point of order” but, without context, this would be the first meaning that would come to my mind.


“action point”
In a general business context, this can also be something (possibly one of the items on a list of things) that needs to be done. Companies often refer to things as “actionable” when a decision needs to be made or action needs to be taken.

In my opinion, this is not a correct definition.

Have a look here for information on “focus group”:

“Market segment” usually has more to do with the customers in a market (“sub-groupings” of the customers in a market) than with particular products.

Wikipedia has a nice description:

See also: … gment.aspx

To my - amateurish :slight_smile: - view, what gypsy1900 gave would be an acceptable definition for another term - target group.

Or not?

I think this link offers a good definition of “peer group”: … Group1.htm

Yes, I’d agree with you about that, Tamara. :smiley:


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I see the terms you wanted to have the explanations on. I have a question to you: How you study this your business English? Do you study it without dictionaries? I am just curious because the translation of these terms in any language gives you the same meanings. They are not the idioms, just simple word combinations regarding the market. Combinations like pocket knife, kitchen knife or kitchen corner.
Please tell me how you prepare yourself for your exam, have you any teacher? If yes, what kind of lessons you have? I just inspect all the possible teaching methods of English language. That’s for myself, of course. We all here around are a little bit self centered, which means whole the forum is a proficiency test for us and what we are seeking here is to achieve more proficiency.
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