Meaning of phrase: "Lodging and boarding"


Could you please tell me what exactly the following phrase means. On which occasions can I use it?

“Lodging and boarding”

Thanks in advance


Definitions from the Oxford American Dictionary:

– a place in which someone lives or stays temporarily : they found a cheap lodging in a backstreet | a fee for board and lodging.
– ( lodgings) a room or rooms rented out to someone, usually in the same residence as the owner.

he provision of regular meals when one stays somewhere, in return for payment or services

So, lodging is the place where you stay temporarily, and board is your food.

In the US we usually say “lodging and meals” (or “meals and lodging”) when someone is merely on a trip, and we say “room and board” when someone lives somewhere for an extended time, such as when students live in a dormitory.

According to Google, the expression ‘lodging and boarding’ seems to be favoured in Asia over ‘board and lodging’ (UK) or ‘room and board’ (US).

it relates to tour bill