meaning of "on my year out"


This is from a CAE listening section:

I decided to come here on my year out because it’s so different to all the other places I could have gone to. …

My problem is with “on my year out”. What does it mean? Out of school?


‘Year off’ would be more expected. ‘Year out’ is unfamiliar to me.

Thank you very much MM,

This was from one of the exercises of ‘Ready for CAE’ by Roy Norris,Macmillan.

I do appreciate your response.

You don’t hear “year out” often. I would guess the person did one thing, did something else for a year, and then went back to it. For example, he was a carpenter, was a chef for a year, then went back to being a carpenter. “On my year out, I learned to cook good food.”

That was a very helpful example. Thanks a lot adam.