Meaning of "obtuse"

Dear Teachers,

What does obtuse mean as in:

“The house became richer, more obtuse, a red-brown rose growing in reverse, back toward secret potent bud.”

Because of the reference to a rose, I would suggest:

Obtuse: (Botany) Having a blunt or rounded tip: an obtuse leaf.

But the sentence is quite odd out of context.

Quite odd and out of context, or simply
Quite odd out of context.

Please shed some light on this, too.

Many thanks in advance


Dear Amy

What do you think about it?

Should I use and?



Hi Tom

If you add the word “and” to MM’s sentence, you’ll change the meaning slightly.

With the word “and” I would understand MM’s sentence to mean that the sentence would always sound odd — even with additional context.

Without the word “and” in his sentence, MM indicated that if there were additional context, APO’s sentence might seem less odd.

Please correct the words I’ve put in your mouth if they’re incorrect. :lol: :wink: