Meaning of nice-to-have?

Please help me with the meaning of the word “nice-to-have” in the sentences below:

  • Or you can add the nice-to-have additional steps.
  • If those nice-to-have steps address separate intents, just link to the articles for those intents.

They appear in an Office App.

Many thanks!

They are non-essential but they are frequently useful. (literally, it is nice to have them as you then have the option of using them if you wish).

Thanks very much, Madam.

Would you please help me understand this sentence:

The meeting organizer is automatically a presenter.

The meeting has a number of ‘presenters’ (presumably, people who give reports or speeches at the meeting).
It seems as if the presenters are selected on some basis.
The person who is the organiser of this meeting does not need to go through the same selection process. The organiser is a presenter as a matter of course.