meaning of "Manly men"

True. Nothing says Manly men more than guys trotting around in little shortle-shorts.

Could anyone explain the above sentence, please? (Particulary what is `manly men’)


It seems to me that in your sentence manly is used in it’s normal ‘dictionary’ meaning.

Sometimes, informally, I use ‘true men’. :slight_smile:

What are shortle-shorts? I cannot comment until I know what they are.

Manly men cut their own wood, have a blue-collar job (though this concept is sort of changing), watch football and drink beer with their buddies, etc. (stereotypically). … b&t=377932

ahhh… Daisy Dukes.

No, manly men do NOT wear Daisy Dukes. lol

(per the stereotype)

Right! I’d wonder about the manliness of a man who wore Daisy Dukes.

Some children’s lederhosen are as short as Daisy Dukes. I feel sorry for those boys. :smiley: