Meaning of 'loose shunted'

I was traveling by train when I saw a goods train stationed nearby railway station, which showed something written like this ‘Not to be loose shunted’.

I am confused about the meaning of the above.

Please explain to me the meaning.


Hi Riazuddin

I was confused, too. I’m not a railroad expert. :lol:
After a little googling, I found some information. Here is my amateur explanation:

It seems that railroad cars are often pushed (“shunted”) around in railway yards. I guess there is a special sort of locomotive that does this. And if one of the cars is “loose shunted,” that means it is pushed by the shunt locomotive, but is not connected (loose) to the locomotive. After the car is in motion, it is allowed to move on its own.

So, the sign you saw indicated that when the cars are shunted, they’re not allowed to move freely (loose) around the yard on their own (“loose shunted”). They must be coupled to the locomotive when they’re in motion.