Meaning of "it didn't do"

Dear Teachers,

Does “it didn’t do” mean “it doesn’t work” or “it doesn’t help”? For example,

“Might it be the ghost of the former landlord? She knew it didn’t do to turn a blind eye on such things.”

“Their courtesy when they died, their reluctance to cause me any trouble by dying or suffering, was one of the things it didn’t do to think about.”

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I’d say “didn’t do” means “wasn’t appropriate or useful” in your sentences.


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You asked:

This expression is also phrased as it wasn’t done to, also having the sense of it wasn’t proper or correct. Basically, it means it’s not a good idea to do this.


Could anyone please explain it to me? :shock:


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Hi Tom

I think the sentence is fairly straightforward assuming you can interpret “didnt do”. What do you think it means? :wink:

Does it mean that:

It was not proper for me to think that their suffering or death would or was gonna cause me any inconvenience.