Meaning of "I got you under my skin"

Can any of you tell me what the the clause I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN means?

To get under somebody’s skin(informal):if someone gets under your skin, they annoy you, especially by the way they behave.
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Good morning Morteza & VW, conversely it can mean that you are bewitched by someone. thinking of them constantly.

Kitos. :slight_smile:

As Sinatra sang; “I’ve got you, under my skin.”

Thank you a lot to both of you. Yeah i found it in a Korean song. I think what you said is what i wanna ask.

Hi Dear Kitosdad,
Thank you so much!
By the way,long time no ccccccccccccccccccc.

:-)) But I am always present Morteza, and I note your confidence and progress.
I find your posts ever-polite and informative. A resident, helpful member.