Meaning of "heal to toe"

Hello everybody

Some of the expressions I know and use them are:

1- Back to front. (got my priorities back to front)
2- Upside down. (turned my plans upside down)
3- Inside out. (jerked my life inside out)

Could anyone of you please use the given expression for me both in literal and figurative sense?




Hi Tom

I don’t think you’re going to get any figurative meaning for “heal to toe”. For me it only means “from the heal to the toe”.

Why are you assuming there’s a figurative sense?


Dear Amy

Could you please use heal to toe in any sentence?

My dictionary does not give the usage. :? Am I right?

1- His foot was injured heal to toe.


Yes, I’d just use it that way or possibly to describe how someone walks (i.e., the heal hits the ground first, then the toe)

I don’t view “heal to toe” as a common expression. Far more common would be “head to toe”.