Meaning of halal

Hey guys, this is kind of important,pls. give me an answer:
What does “halal” mean? (food)

What kind of food “halal meat” contais, is what I’d like to know

It is meat prepared according to Muslim law. It’s something like the Muslim equivalent of kosher.

The term ‘halal’ is for Muslims what ‘kosher’ is to Jews.

Halal meat comes from animals that have been slaughtered according to Islamic rites.

Thanks Jamie, but I’d like to know what it contains,because some guests would like to have halal dishes and the chef doesn’t know what to do.
You see the problem we got here?

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As far as I know, it’s only the process of slaughtering that is special. When preparing food, any ingredients can be added to the meat, as far as it’s not pork or rabbit meat.

Here are the stipulations I have found on the Internet:

I think they probably also have the same stipulation that the Jews do, in the sense that the animal can’t have died a natural death.

Above all, though, the meat can’t be pork. Don’t even use pork lard as cooking oil. Nothing from pork.

In many mixed neighborhoods in the US, Jews and Muslims treat the kosher stores and halal stores as interchangeable, and shop at one or the other, even though I don’t think the laws are 100% the same.

Also take a look at this:

The problem is that someone who is Muslim travels to a non-Muslim country and expects non-Muslims to be familiar with Muslim dietary law. Did they volunteer an explanation, or did they just expect Hungarians to know how to comply with Muslim law?

Many Jews who insist on kosher food, or Muslims who insist on halal food, will be kind enough to explain it to their hosts. Some of them even carry their own food around when they go to places where it will be hard to get.

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Actually I wasn’t worried about this nor the chef seems to be because of the same reason that You’ve mentioned just now.

It might be interesting that hal?l in my language means death.
(thanks for all the answers)

although the original post is about 4 years old and Spencer must have had his party by now. I was just feeling an urge to clarify a couple of stuff here.

First of, as answered by many, Halal for Muslims is KIND OF equivalent to kosher for Jews, which ofcourse means NO PORK, but it also means NO ALCOHOL added to the product, as alcohol is a NON-HALAL beverage for Muslims. I have seen kosher wines on the other hand and also the products that carry alcohol but are labeled as kosher. So i ASSUME that alcohol, when kosher, is not forbidden for Jews BUT it is, no matter what kind, strictly forbidden for Muslims.

For Muslims what truly equivalent to kosher is ZABIHAH, which as mentioned by one of the poster is:

"For devout Muslims, however, even cows, chickens, ducks and other Halal animals can be off-limits if they are not also Zabihah (slaughtered according to Islamic Rites). In order to be Zabihan (1) the animal must be slaughtered by a Muslim, (2) the animal should be put down on the ground or held if it is small, (3) its throat should be slit with a very sharp knife to make sure that the three main blood vessels are cut, and (4) while cutting the throat of the animal without severing it, the person must pronounce the name of Allah or recite a blessing which contains the name of Allah, such as “Bismillah Allah-u-Akbar.”

Now both Jews and Muslim follow the above procedure and pronounce the name of Allah SWT (God) to make the meat kosher or zabihah, respectively, and this is how both kosher and zabihah become equivalent. A kosher alcoholic beverage again can never be halal or allowed for Muslims, since alcohol itself isn’t regarded as halal by Muslims.

SECONDLY, i don’t think any Muslim expects you to magically know by yourself Muslims Dietry laws or force you to arrange halal/zabihah food for them at your parties. Many Muslims go to non Muslims parties and IN MOST CASES do one of the following three things:

  • They don’t eat anything at all, since they aren’t sure about the source of the food, even if it is no-pork, non-meat kind of stuff. They will eat raw fruits and veggies though, if available.
  • They do eat only the stuff that are non-meat and they think is halal/zabihah to the best of their knowledge: Fries from BK, for example. (although the Mulsim-type mentioned above will also try to know the source of lard, oil, and pan/fryer used to make the fries)
  • They do eat anything that is not pork. Since they believe whatever Halal, is Halal and they don’t really seem to worry much about the zabihah-ness of the food.

So you see it wasn’t that difficult, either they don’t eat, or they do eat whatever they think is halal/zabihah, or they do eat whatever you have there for your other guests. None of them urge you to arrange something special for them. Now if you wanted to be a courteous and nice host for your guests and wanted all of your guests feel comfortable at the party and wanted to go to an extra length by arranging halal food for your Muslim guests, then instead of coming here and portraying the whole situation as some kind of ‘problem’, you could simply have asked your guest what they meant by halal, since it was something new and unknown to you, i believe they would have been more than happy to explain it to you. :slight_smile: