Meaning of "Green man"

Hi friends

Someone has guessed me to know the meaning of two expressions :
the first was : what the meaning of Green man ? and in different situation : If you saw a green man what would you do with him ?
my answer was I would take a signature from him !! :lol:

but in fact my answer was uncorrect " as my friend saying "
he said : If I saw the green man , I would cross the road !!!" traffic light "

the second expression was : If you saw someone standing on zebra , what will you do ? I said : Nothing to do , maybe I would clap for him…
but my friend said : If I saw someone who was inside his car , and he was standing on zebra and I were a policeman , I would fine him …

Are they right ?
and what’s your opinion ?


The riddles are quite good, Herc. I especially like the first one – and your answer. At first, I thought the green man could have been a Martian!